She Never

December 1, 2008
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She never

She never was on time or showed up for anything really
She never braided my hair like the other girls’
She never read me bed time stories, or acted silly
She never painted my nails, or helped me with my homework

She always stayed out too late, she never called
She always kept alcohol around, she never had money
She always had a man in her life, she never was alone
She always ignored my questions, she never had time

It’s so easy to hurt, so easy to hate her
But she never would forgive
I will not be like her
I’ll be stronger, I’ll be somebody more

I’ll go on without my mother, as I’ve done for so long
She isn’t moving home, I’ve come to accept it
This pain, I refuse to prolong
I don’t need her in my life I willingly admit

She never would be strong enough to do what I do
She never would be brave enough to be alone
She never would allow happiness through
But I’m not her; I’ll do this on my own

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