Mirror Me

December 1, 2008
Mirror Me

He’s got eyes that warm my heart

People try to tear it apart

The fact that I might possible fall in love

With the senseless dove

Who I think, fell from above

Does it bother you I might be falling for him

Some look at me and say its my ultimate sin

When I look in the mirror I see my eyes

But not inside

Inside I see the boy

All full of ecstasy and joy

His eyes are a powerful moving force

That seemed to deem on my course

That pulled me close within his soul

Whirling spinning, out of control

Until the room stopped

And all conversations have dropped

It was like time stopped and we were the only ones about

Seeking all ends out

The only ones moving

We didn’t care if they all were approving

Only us, were countered in every life

When everything else seemed like endless strife

Here we were together at last

The it seemed, time went too fast

Speeding across our eyes

We didn’t know which way was left, which one was right

His smile reminds me of the way I felt in dreams

When everything was bright everything I had seen

The sun shone brighter when I looked at his smile

The one of the little boy, the one of the child

His laugh surrounds me with tenderness

When all the while, I didn’t care if things made sense

As long as I was by your side

Watching the black night sky

Waiting for shooting stars to make a wish

Inclosing our lives with endless bliss

It didn’t matter at the time and it still doesn’t matter now

As long as I hear you and walk on your ground

The way you make my world go round

I cant live without hearing no sound

I love you too much to say goodbye

You don’t know what you’ve done to help me live my life

I know I can’t survive without you

And I don’t care if everyone doesn’t think it’s true

All my life I’ve never been so in love

With you sent from above

I’ll never stop, even if they force

They will never throw my love off course

You can’t imagine how many nights

I went to bed crying thinking of ways to end your strife

Even if it meant sacrificing my life

I won’t let you live pain

You, the bringer of the rain

That washes my tears away

You, the name of the stone

I won’t let you live alone

I won’t let you hurt

Or too quickly be under the dirt

I will live to see you ecstasy

I will live to see you live

Live life to the fullest

You can’t imagine how many dreams I have had of you

Loving you tenderly you loved me, too

I don’t understand how our lives ended up this way

People try to break us and cause us pain

No One knows the feeling inside of me

I can’t even see

Pain in your eyes

You don’t understand how it will make me cry

I don’t even understand why

I adore you so much it makes me cry

For you, and you only, I would die

I write only things for you to show

My love, my dignity in your love

Come and see what I can do

You, my love can do it, too

Only us can see the greatest things

Can do unspeakable things

Dreams of the upcoming

Powers of the unloving

Combined we can do anything

You are the reason I love to sing

Because all the songs are you, my everything

There’s something inside I just don’t get

That makes me love you don’t forget

I’ll do anything to keep you safe

This issue isn’t for debate

I will surf the sky swim the sea

As long as you’re safe, here with me

I know you’re scared because you don’t know

How to deal with you powers as vivid as white snow

The mystifying powers we behold

Doesn’t supply a heart of gold

It comes quickly, makes you feel cold

Within the hours of passing you will know

It’s not easy with the different temptations

Us, we’re not safe due to the unearthly vibrations

They want you for evil, you need to be good

The powers we have are misunderstood

But there’s nothing to be scared about

I won’t let them renounce

The temptations and evils abut to enhance

Please listen to me I will help

You deal with the agony of hell

It’s not safe to be without

With your head in the clouds

I love you I won’t let them near

As you cower away in fear

While I fight brave and sincere

To make sure you’re well and near

Mirror me

Listen to the beats

Of the wind that speaks

It is your friend whom you should keep

Mirror me see the evil that should

And leave all that is misunderstood

Mirror me

Trust in me for what you’ll see

Is nothing but a reflection of you and me

Still there the same

But different the opposite our powers in vain

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