Break the Barrier

December 1, 2008
Break the Barrier

The rushing water holds me back;
I’m slipping under, down below
I’ve been under way too long.
I think it’s time to loose control.

What I write is never right.
I’ve lost my mind again.
My eyes stay closed for good tonight.
Put in chains by my only friend.

I’m going to miss it all!
I have to try; I have to fall
I need the right; I need the wrong.
I need to find where I belong.

The greatest mistake
I will ever make
is not to take the chance
because I think I’ll fail.

So catch me, cause I’m falling.
Hold me up above the world forever.
I want to be the brand new sky.
Up here the view’s so much better

The empty streets in my head
are filled with all my doubt.
I keep thinking
that I’ll never break out.

I’m stuck in this cage.
It’s way too small
I can’t tell if I’m here at all.

I’m lost. It’s dark.
Tell me where I can start.

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