When No One is Looking

December 1, 2008
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When nothing else matters
When the sky has gone dark
All that has fallen
Will piece back their parts

And children still crying
Will find way to leave
All that tortures them
And see

Nothing else matters
But love lost in war
And children still starving
Love gone ashore

After hardships and treason
Friends lost or gone
Nothing will fix it
Not even this song

Words song out of pity
Or bitter mistakes
When nobody loves
And everyone hates

So when day turns to night
While nobody sees
Angels come fix it
With miracles it seems

They leap over mountains
And fly through the stars
They jump over planets
They drive other’s cars

They open old windows
And peak once inside
And if they hear crying
They know now to hide

They slip into eardrums
Fast as can be
Crawling through brain cells
Washing away weeps

And simpletons laugh
So they don’t think its true
Those angels can fly
Right inside you

But what they forget
Is what matters most
And that’s what they see
That’s what they know

Deep inside babies
Or mama’s first crash
Saddened old widows
Or near broken glass

Deep beneath the ocean
Underneath the sand
Saddened old star fish
Need helping hands

Dreams oh so simple
Yet completely complex
Come only from angels
And God knows they know best

So listen to dreams
Write this stuff down
Remember your imagination
Can never let down

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