Growing Up

December 1, 2008
By Steven Moore, Stockbridge, GA

Growing Up

Your first breathe in the arms of a stranger
You cry, for you fear you’re in danger

Left in a strange room, you’re all alone
Then your creators come, and take you home

Time passes and you learn to walk
Even more passes and you begin to talk

You eat all kinds of food and sit with grownups
Drinking from glasses and not sippy cups

You start to play outside, and blow bubbles
If you don’t do chores, you get in trouble

Time goes by as you watch cartoons
Or playing outside with friends all afternoon

Elementary school is over, it’s time to progress
Middle school starts and incomes the stress

Responsibility increases and your social life too
You become stuck to your cellphone, like it was glue

Now you listen to music and “hang” with friends
Use the computer and follow the trends

High school comes, you’re beginning to grow
Four more arduous years left to go

Sixteen years come and you can finally drive
With this freedom, you feel truly alive

You think you’re in love, with him or her
But then break up because you don’t concur

Four years have past, it’s time for graduation
The diploma is accepted with little hesitation

The summer ends, and you start college
You party, but you went there for knowledge

Relationships strengthen and incomes the dreading
Today is the day of your elegant wedding

Your love is vowed and a companionship created
Seems like yesterday when you first dated

College ends, it was the best years of your life
But now you’re happily married with a man or wife

A job is obtained, you start your career
You’re in the real world with many a fear

The same daily routine proceeds
And you find yourself not in need

Your child grows up, and departs like you
Starting their life with their own views

Time passes as you and your partner retire
Life continues though, as both you aspire

This cycle repeats, as you begin to grow old
But the memories you’ve had are worth more than gold

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