Culture, Religion, Stop!

December 1, 2008
Understanding that the world can be hateful and hostile.
A Muslim seemed more challenged than ever to hide.

In a post 9/11 world, unchanged with racism.
Fears were heavy and dragging.

Disgust who've stamped a bad name for its followers.
Islam was under attack--Its people were under attack.

In a blink, tolerance was again shut down.
Voices for help were unheard.
Fear spilled in thoughts.
Terrorist became a household name.

But that was then, this is now...
Now a new day is soon to arrive
A day people have anticipated for to finally set sail.

The dawn of this new day has begun to take flight.
Obama will shed his light.
He will raise the sun to shine on this new day to come.

I am American
I am Palestinian
I am Muslim
I am Peaceful.

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