The Seasons

December 1, 2008
By Allie:] SILVER, Pleasant Plains, Illinois
Allie:] SILVER, Pleasant Plains, Illinois
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The seasons of the year,
are all so different;

There's summer of coarse,
the sun soaking into your skin,
and the feeling you get when
you jump into an ice cold pool.
Squeaking of pool toys against you face,
and singing all the summer hits on the radio,
plus your wet feet against the patio.

Then comes fall,
the best time of all.
at least with the brisk air washing
your mind clear from troubles.
And the leaves of so many colors
crunching under my feet,
and the pitter-patter of the small animals in the dim, thick woods.
I would never change the season,
even if i could.

Winter is finally here.
The time of the year when your warm
in your shell of layers and layers of
fleece and cotton.
When you burst through your door
a mug of hot cocoa in hand,
and maybe watch a movie or two,
it's so quiet and peaceful.
Winter, what would we do without you?

Last of all is Spring,
April showers,
and May flowers.
The magic,
the fun,
The music of the birds,
chirping hot in the sun.
Another good part is finding a friend,
ready to start over,
the seasons again.

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