May 5, 2014
I see your eyes drip memories in a cascading waterfall. They’ve seen paradise, and they’ve watched paradise fall apart. They whisper cries for help behind a plastered smile. A shade of cloudy grey that masks true thoughts by shielding violators who are trying to look in. You don’t want them to see what you’ve seen, to feel what you’ve felt.
The twinkle in your eyes that once matched your dazzling smile has faded. The same way your favorite orange t-shirt washed away to the color of a dying sunset. The same way dreams drift away if they aren’t chased. Exhaustion now echoes back, begging for you to snap shut the windows of your life, allowing you to finally rest. Before you would see each day as a new opportunity, but now the glass is always half empty.
I lust to see the world through your perspective, despite your wishes otherwise. If I could walk in your shoes just once, then maybe I could help you find a way for that twinkle to return, for my eyes drip memories in a cascading waterfall because watching your world break down breaks my world down too.

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