December 1, 2008
Pry the shattered glass from these cold dead hands,
Take a silent hint from these speaking sands.
Do not give in to these deadly demands,
Rewind, reset, and let’s start over again.

The red runs thickly down my arms,
Narrowly avoiding the sorrow of harm.
Take away the lies from your sewed shut mouth.
How many times you’ve done this to me, I cannot count.

You take my breath away
But not in a good way,
You need a place to stay,
But right here let me lay.

The scent of fire on my clothing,
It’s your face that I am loathing.
Cold green eyes and thin lips,
Stringy blond hair and lying hips.

Banished and sent away,
I’ll never have to see your face
Nor in the light some day.

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