December 1, 2008
It's probably been 23 years
Maybe more, maybe less
I was 7
And I had the sun in my hair
And a ladybug on my finger

I can remember telling her everything
The way I placed my memories in a milk carton
And bequeathed them to the ocean
Hoping the tides could wash me clean
Of his fingerprints

How I ate chocolate chip cookies
Baked with raisins, not with love
And how my best friend was a tree
The Maple in the backyard -
We whispered secrets in the evening

I told the ladybug
How I envied the Robin
With its feathers and friends and flight
Its only care
Not to brush too close to the sun
And I asked the ladybug
Why no one tucked me in at night
Like the Moon did the stars

Then the ladybug looked at me
And tickled my finger
And she smiled
Before the breeze swept her away
She might have whispered
Something in the wind

            ...but it's been 23 years.

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