December 1, 2008
By Athena Lathps, Dublin, CA

The lightest, kindest, pattering rain
Alights upon my windowpane
Its feeble repetition
Keeps me sane

My hand upon the windowsill
Reminds me of my right and will
To stay steadfast
In matters ill

My face sprinkled with the wet
Soothes and banishes all fret
Hushing any whisper of
Melancholy or regret

The trees in the wind do sway
The whispering leaves lead worry astray
Their gentle distraction
Keeps all thoughts at bay

Rays between clouds carry angels from the sun
As the tears of God seem to be done
Rain ceases its fall
A warm sunrise begun

The calm of this scene so sweet
My senses give me strength to greet
All my simple
Reflections on a window seat

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