December 1, 2008
A dark angel stood beside my soul
And gripped it like a vice
Said, I see the pain that herein lies
Now listen to my advice

Dark clouds will make you whole again
The rain will dry your tears
While frightening shadows that you see
Will silence all your fears

The wraiths will taunt you every day
But you shan’t let them win
Their rough words that you’ll endure
Will smooth down your cold skin

The soil beneath your feet is there
I see it in your dreams
It will wash your hurt away
And leave you sparkling clean

The cliff that you are shackled to
Shall give you lasting peace
The chain that still imprisons you
Becomes your heart’s release

The barriers in your closed mind
Give way to contemplation
While sustenance that you consume
Will grant you harsh starvation

The fire is engulfing you
And increasingly does rise
Its flames give off such steady heat
That you’ll be warm when it dies

Love holds your heart in an embrace
Holding it close, for your sake
For in this love’s benevolent hold
Your wary heart will surely break

The sun will shine on you again
And bless you with its light
The rays will lead you to the dark
And endless, pitch-black night

Listen to these words I say
The angel said to my soul
These words will give you strength to heal
The dark will take its toll

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