Forgettable Days

November 30, 2008
Lately, my eyes have dropped
from interest. Maybe it's because I'm so scared. Looking into, day after day, a single love, that had never been there.

Days pass by, weeks, maybe months, I don't keep count. My mind is washed up on a beach of dreams, nothing is as it seems. I swear I'm going crazy.

The month is nearly ended by my guess,
though it seems like a thousand years,
My only love has abandoned me,
now I cry fearful tears.

I wake up one day and walk down the road. My heart still hurts, and I wonder why, it has been so long.

I walk by a lemonade stand. Reminding me of his sourness. I ask what day it is, they say, "November 26".

All this pain, all this confusion, has not lasted as long as it seems. It has only been a couple of days. I walk back to the beach of dreams.

The tide is coming, I drift away, leaving him behind. Sleep starts to take over, and I forget who I am.

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