under Lock and Key

November 30, 2008
I’ve Already given so much of my heart away, if you break it now there is only but an empty space left.
I try to put it back together every time… still a piece gets lost along the way.
I can promise so many times to be true to you. Then I just fall harder when I come to find your promise does not mean as much as mine.
I wish I could get back all the tears I’ve shed for you, about you, because of you.
I always run back to you, my heart sadly beats only—for you.
The day I pray for is the day you change, not only for when you see you’ve been lost. But for when I mean more to you than you mean to me.
But that’s a hard challenge to meet.
Then again I will always be here…most likely always.
Seeing how you have the key to my heart,
But who needs the key when you
hold the lock as well.

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