Broken Soul

November 24, 2008
By Anonymous

I’m an orphan not yet nine
Each day and night under starry sky
Cheeks shining with tears alight
I travel, alone, a lone wolf
Lest I be caught by the urchin train
Yearning for a place to stay
A place to call my home
People who love me like I love them
I sleep on the pitted ground
A dream burning in my heart
Day and night I walk alone
At day the scorching sun beams down at me
At night the stars twinkle their tune,
A million fireworks frozen in space
Watching the world below
I pass by towns and cities
Lights a giant fiery blaze
Laughter alight on peoples lips
Children dance and sing their joy
A world unalike my own
People avoid my waking self
They sense my empty soul
My vacant eyes
And my lifeless heart
That beats forsaken of hope
A void-less person
Unforgiving of fate
Dying every day a little more
Dawn blends into dusk
My breaths slow down
A gentle breeze caresses my face
As I walk the path
Set out for me since birth
A rose in a lily patch
Wild and untamed
Hope dyes out
Flame of life burns away
Pulse everlasting slow
World behold my beauty gone
Thy eyes will never know

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