In A Daze

December 2, 2008
By Christin Robles, Yucca Valley, CA

Grey skies of blue he made me wonder about you.
My heart is racing faster than a spinning top with out a end.
The Universe and the Galaxies are the new latest trend.
I have a new bestfriend and he's moving away.
No more walking by him to say hey, and no more funny jokes that shined my day.
I'm sorry i brought him up this way.
The inside jokes, and the classroom talks about us.
I will miss you dear friend, but one fear will you ever come back here?

The author's comments:
Well to start off this was somewhat about me and somewhat about my love. This friend that i talk about in my poem is supposed to be moving to washington and i will miss him terribly and soo will my love zack.

he was telling me about how everytime he gets a new friend they move away and we had a big talk about it and it inspired me to write this poem.

Hope you like it =)

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