three sides

December 3, 2008
Three sides


I feel so lonely so confused. Chained to the ground surround by people who know nothing of freedom. People who live their lives blind to so many things. Forever grounded when all I want to do is fly. To leave this life behind and never look back. But I sit and wait for that one chance to break free of these chains and when that time comes I will be ready.

This life I live
I am cursed to live a lonely life. Condemned to solitude by some inner self. I live my life knowing I will always be alone. Surrounded by people I call friends who are really just a failed attempt to fit in. every time I get to close to someone something happens that screws it up. So I live a lonely life knowing it is the only life I can live.

Forever bound to me, they ask why. Why do you do this? Small whispers fall in with screams, blending together in an Endless harmony. Why? Why? Yells the little girl watching the crimson pool spread on the floor. Why? The parents yell at you over And over trying to find an answer that doesn’t exist. Why? Why?

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