Hope For The Children

September 1, 2008
Children with happy faces were looking diligently to the sky.
They started to jump for the big-thunder like noise.

In Darfur where they live is despair everywhere.
They never had seen a moment like.
They thought that God has forsaken them.

Some stated to run when hurricane like wind blows violently.
The rest started singing with joy for God has sent for them.
Tears was running down from their happy and despaired faces.
They watched it takes the runway to depart.

With amazement they keep starring at the “heavenly bird”.
It Cut its way upward against nature their god.

Hope kept their eyes upward.
They knew that one day, they, too, will be taken up.
They dream of the cloud protecting them and hiding them.
They think of their parents and loved ones who are dead.
Deep in their heart, they are whispering.
"the heavenly bird will come one day for them"

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