Here In My Hand

March 31, 2008
By Elianna Heilig, Hinsdale, IL

Here in my hand lies the city of wonders,
of dreams once cast upon a slivery web of stars.
Here in my hand is the meaning to life,
the secrets people seek, but will never find.
Here in my hand lies the hope of all beings,
the wonders and thoughts of all matter.
Here in my hand I cage something great,
greater than the world of all worlds,
stronger than the power of a thousand suns.
Here in my hand is the ocean storms rousing,
of peace mixed with chaos, anger,and hope.
Here in my hand is something unseen,
invisible, but as real as the stars, world, and body.
Here in my hand, in my simple human hand,
lies something you can only capture with your eyes
closed and your heart open.
What’s in yours?

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