November 20, 2008
By nereida aviles, Austin, TX

Everyone being so insane
walking down the famous street
in Austin looking so

Standing in front of the light blue wall
as if we were standing in front
of the blue sky.
rushing to get out of the house
glitter flying all over the place
pink shiny lipstick tracing her
heart-shaped lips.
she was wearing a navy-blue cop costume,
black belt, and black stockings.
ready to protect me from danger
just as she always has.
highlights in her hair made her
pretty face glow.
I was wearing a nurse costume
with red long lines going down the
side of it, a hat with a red cross
on it, and shiny red-nail polish on my
filed fingernails.
with time for a quick-pose
we were hugging each other
like if we never wanted
to let go.
just like when we were
little girls, always dressing up
always together.

No matter where life
takes us.
we will always be the
best of friends.

The author's comments:
My piece came from a picture. I wrote it based on a real-life experience

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