My Room

October 8, 2008
By Cadie Walsh, Alpharetta, GA

The sun arises and purs into my red room
as my orange and pink comferter huggs my sleeping body
my walk in closet eats up all my clothes
as my desk holds my homework for the next day

my floor throws up cloths by the minute
my bathroom overflowing with makeup, brushes, and toothpaste
my shower carrying bundles of bottles

my dresser envelops all my sports clothes
as I walk in my closet to get todays shoes
bundles of sheets are awaiting so as to cover my large bed
as I turn on my lamp I see my many glasses of water

my room has always been my little haven in our big house
where I sleep, talk, and sometimes eat
I always feel at ease there
as the sun sets for today.

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