A Note From A Teen: I Got This

November 30, 2008
On and on I have to hear you tell me about the pressures in life
About how that teen got pregnant and how that one cuts himself with a knife
I understand that you just want me to do right
But I Got This

Just because you hear the stereotypes of a typical team
Doesn’t mean ill end up like that but what does it mean
It means now I have a clue on what not to do
I am going to prove the stereotypes wrong
So I don’t need you going on and on
Cause I Got This

Every second you get your reminding me of what you expect out of my life
Every minute is spent reinforcing what is right
But I don’t always need you reminding me what to do
I Got This

You look at other people’s kids and see in them what could be me
I want you to know that I also can see
I don’t need you trying to depict my future
I know I’m not grown
But it’s time for me to make decisions on my own
I Got This

But I wouldn’t know what to do if you weren’t telling me on and on
I thank you for setting me up right
So that now I can go out into the world on my own
And thanks to you
I Got This

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