Jade Leaf

November 30, 2008
By Adam Barnett, Wheeling, IL

In a blind sense
Your palm matches veins on this leaf
Jade Leaf
But only some lines
It’s utter nonsense
I hear from your spine
If you want it, you can have mine
And a blade of grass
Is much too sharp
For your fingers that strum that harp so well
You play that harp so well

Someone told me you’re someone today
It took me a bit to believe
Such a hollow oak tree
And with this blade of grass
I’ll cut your roots
Turn your blood right into dew
And I’ll swing from your dead branches
Singing awkward harmonies
You used to sing those songs so well
I don’t sing those songs so well

So sing your novel
I hear it’s better than the book of life
It’s got real characters and places that you’ll want to visit soon
I hear they’re real. Are they real? Yes, they’re real. I think they’re real.
Then I am too

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