My light in the world

November 30, 2008

So sad and so complicated.
The world. Life. Everything.
You explain everything so plainly,
So perfectly yet I truly do not understand.
You teach me your life
And your light and what wonders are still to come.

But the world brings different thoughts to me,
Tries to change everything I have ever learned.
It pushes and pulls
Till there is nothing to keep me standing.
But there you are, standing and standing strong,
Never failing, never giving in.

Yet here I am stumbling, tripping,
Losing balance as the world crumbles around me.
You try to give me comfort
But the world holds it back.
Everything is gone. I fall.
Life goes past me.

Happiness slips away from my grasp.
I see you above me trying to reach
But the world pulls me down fast
Light begins to fade.
Black, darkness creeps around me.
Small light in the distance flickers out.

Fear creeps in, alone, unloved,
Gone, and swallowed in my misery.
Pleading I cry out, empty echoes come back.
Voices come and tell me it is my fault,
I got myself here.

I cry out again not wanting to believe them.
An answer far away, speaks peace.
You are calling, light appears above me. I hold out my arms and you grab me,
Pulling me out of misery and fear.
Your voice is peace and love.

You hold me in your arms,
Nothing can go wrong.
Light is now all around me.
Many people are there,
They surround me, hugging me,
Telling me they care.
The world is gone and you are here.
Forever loved.

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