Snow Angels

November 30, 2008
By Allie Benton, McDonough, GA

It was a brisk and rainy wintery day,
all little children wanted to play.
The sun was hiding behind the feathery gray clouds,
and the sky was not bright because of the lack of light.
All seemed as if it was a shadowy wintery night.

Because the weather was gloomy and opaque
the kids bounced around on their little toes,
they could not think of an activity to do.
Until their moms whispered I can help you.

The aroma of the dough, sugar, and flour
created a warm feeling that lasted a hour.
They picked out the shapes and cutters too,
then decided to ice the with nice Christmas hues.

As the day continued the sun began to rise,
all the little children got a magnificent surprise.
They dressed in warm, Christmas clothes attire
and all scattered around the yard in many different angles.
Soon they were all lying down to make lifelike, miniature snow angles.

Mothers called for their children to come back from playing in the snow.
As the sun was running on its last bit of light,
all mothers know hot cocoa with melting marshmallows
is best end for a day such as that, is this particular homey Christmas delight

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