My Pride Lay Bare

November 30, 2008
My pride lay bare
in the dusty ochre sands of whatever city you choose
as your crucifying words
pierced my soul;
tortuous rhymes
of what once was

Shamefully mortified
I looked at you
directly in your eyes
proving to you
and to myself
that I remained strong

You recognized my strength
as nothing more than stupidity
and I now ask you
if you mediocre taunts
and vague humiliations
stripped my life
out of not more than jealousy?

And if that be the case,
Are not you the weak one?

My dignity regained
five years down the road
I regale the epic story
of that arid night in your city of choice
a hypnotic fallacy
yet a tragic memory
as my pride lay bare
in the dusty ochre sands

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