My Uknown

November 29, 2008
By Aida Rodriguez, Santa Clarita, CA

How do i explain
What I, myself, don't understand?
Like the moist touch of rain
Silently drizzling
From the overcast heavens
Like the misty breeze
on a dark and dreery Halloween night
How do i even begin to explain
What some may call the unknown?
How do i tell you the importance
of my everyday?
of the seconds, minutes and hours of happiness I've come to know?
The how, the when, the why
Drifting to and fro freely
Around my liitle world
Around my little world that I can't explain

The author's comments:
I write what my heart feels. I write to escape the everyday and the confusion that comes along with it. I hope that all people young and old can understand what I mean when i say "escape". That sometimes a pen and paper are the most comforting things a person can have and can make the strangest places feell like home.

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