To The Girl You Left Me For...

November 29, 2008
To the girl you left me for
I hope that you aren’t ignored
And you better know that you’re lucky
He was supposed to be the one for me

Don’t believe it if he tells you forever and always
And if he gets mad at you for breaking a promise, forget what he says
Because if he breaks a promise, it’s all right and good
But if you do that you better do what you said you would

If he tells you that he loves you, don’t take it to heart
Because that’s how I fell apart
If he starts talking about the future, don’t get attached
Especially when he talks of being the perfect dad

He’ll change his mind in a second, he’s done it to me twice before
One minute he’s mad and then he tells you “I love you more”
One second he’s whining because you won’t do what he wants
The next he’s talking of himself as he flaunts

He’ll talk of children and ask you to marry him within a week
And even if you say yes he’ll ask you until he gets what he seeks
He’ll compliment you in every way
And then complain the very next day

So if you don’t hang on to his every word
If you know what he says is absurd
Then maybe when he walks away from you
You won’t feel the pain that I do

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