Love and Loss Are No Mathematics to Smiles and Tears

November 29, 2008
By Anna Nordquist, Big Lake, MN

I see you watch them passing by
With that longing in your eyes
Their hands are linked their eyes are locked
And you feel like you don’t belong
You’ve been rejected and turned down
But I see truth behind your frown
I see you watch them passing by
And by the look on you face, I know why.
You’ve been loved, but broken and hurt
“That was the last time but not the first”
Your love for him was strong indeed
Look past it all and find his creed
The last thing you need is him my dear
For always and forever, I’ll be here
I see you watch them passing by
I watch you turn around and cry
I see the longing in your eyes
You don’t need him, please don’t cry

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