As It Calls

November 29, 2008
As It Calls Out My Name
I Always Say No
But As I Want To Say Yes
I Will Always Say No
As It Prussures Me
I Always Still Say No
Even As I Want To
I Cant Because Eye Know You Will Be Mad
I Dont Want You To Yell
I Dont Want You To Scream
I Dont Want You To Cry
If They Lie Me Down To Sleep
I Know You Will Miss Me
I Know You Will Ask Your Self Why
But All I Can Say Is
"Life Continues To Get Harder,
And As I Continued To Say No,
I Just Keep Think About How Much I Know,
I Know To Much Or Was It To Less?,
All I Can Think Is....God Bless,
To You And You And You And You,
As I Begin To Be Caried,
Soon I Shall Be Buried,
Dont Start To Pout,
Just Cause I Took A Different Rout,
I Will Alway Love You,
But Please For Give Me For What I Might Do."

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