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November 29, 2008
I frown
You smile
I hate
You love
I hurt
You heal
I cry
You laugh
I tell you my problems
You turn your back to me
I tell you your not a true friend
You smile and call me a ***
I say*** you and walk away
You tell me im just like my sister
I walk away with words unspoken
You keep saying im just like her
I think about what you said
You look me up and down
I relised you were never my friend
You relised you lost the best person you had
I cry every night cause im nothing i want to be
You laugh and talk to friends
I call you to talk
You hang up right away
I tell you im sorry in person
You walk away like im nothing
I ask you if i mean anything to you
You smile and say no
I tryed to be there for you
You did nothing for me
I tryed to give you the world
You gave me pitty
I give up my life so you will be happy
And now
Well now...
Now the tears fall
For you know you were wrong to let me go.....

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