Crimson Coca Cola Coffee Mug

November 29, 2008
By Debaser GOLD, Marlboro, Vermont
Debaser GOLD, Marlboro, Vermont
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Looking in my red Coca Cola mug
(The one my dad brought back from Atlanta)
I see burning brown liquid flooding my eyes
Silver steam floating, gray ghost haunts my nose

I open the dam; splashing in my throat
Burning like an ember, biting my tongue
Remembering when I was 12 years old
Impressing my dad by drinking coffee

My Crimson Coca Cola Coffee Mug
(The one my dad brought back from Atlanta)
Looking in, eyes glancing up from the rim
Eyes wondering, Will He Be Proud of Me?

He smiles at me and I smile back
I’m trying not to cringe… acquired taste
I whisper—Do we have any sugar?
He frowns and growls: Don’t Even Think About It

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