November 29, 2008
By Meagan Bogggess, Las Vegas, NV

The girl looks in the mirror
Neither her lips, nor her eyes are smiling
Her face is empty, with a certain dark expression on it
There are bags underneath her eyes
Which, in turn, are full of tears that she wills herself not to let out
She is weary
She is tired of trying,
Trying to be someone else
For her family, her friends, for herself
She is confused
Why can’t she just be who she is?
Why must she try to act as everyone else wants her to?
She feels trapped
And alone
In a cage,
With nothing but herself which she is trying to make into
Someone who she isn’t
She’s tried for everyone, yet they still ignore her
She feels small and insignificant
Like she is nothing, because that is what she has become
She has lost herself, and now she no longer trusts
No longer feels comfortable
No longer is outgoing
She has lost herself
She wishes to run away from it all
To be somewhere where she is truly free
She longs to be noticed, to not feel left out of everything
She longs for someone, anyone
But no one is really there
Not when she needs them most
She feels betrayed, but doesn’t want to feel anger
She wants what was once in her grasp,
But she had let go of for one moment and it had flown away
She wished she could do likewise
She looks into the mirror
Her eyes are misty and blank
Her expression shows nothing of what she feels
She is forced to hide it, every day of her life
She can never tell anyone what lies within
She wants to tell others, but the words never come out
Others can tell her their secrets, though
She bares her own secrets along with others
She carries a burden by herself, and is slowly falling from the weight
In the mirror the girl sees someone with nothing
She no longer sees her reflection
Instead it is someone she doesn’t know
The one trying to be others
The one carrying the weight
The one that wishes to fly free
But she is trapped, like the reflection in the mirror
She is stuck with what she isn’t
The girl sits down on the chair next to the mirror
She wishes to cry, to let it out
But she has not cried for years
She has forced herself not to
She feels the overwhelming sadness
The everlasting misery
She feels it all
But she shows nothing in her reflection
She looks at the girl
The one she doesn’t know
The one she doesn’t want to be
The one who never smiled
The girl looked, then turned away,
Away from her reflection

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