To Play the Game of Love

November 29, 2008
By Delaney Brooks, Syracuse, IN

Crushes change with the season,
Boyfriends stay for a year,
They break your heart without hesitation,
Won't look back to watch the tears,
Girls are a total mystery,
Says any guy you ask,
They make things confusing
Future, present and past.
He smiles because their friends
“She’ll always be there for me…”
She wants to cry
“Cause that’s all we’ll ever be…”
All’s fair in love and war
Except heartache never felt before
The more special the person
The harder the loss
Your heart grows cold
Blanketed in moss
Losing and loving
That’s how the game is played
Each round different
No two ever the same
Graceful winner
Sore Loser
So choose your side
Give up your pride
Roll the dice and take a chance
And play the game of LOVE

The author's comments:
I felt that everyone has had a moment in time where they felt love was just a game. And although the outcome is never the same the rules don't change.

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