One Last Time

November 28, 2008
Take these two fingers and put it to my chest.
This feeling just won’t go to rest. You are putting me
To the ultimate test. Can I survive these games, that you challenge me to in my world? Pieces trying to be picked up I just won’t give up. These collusive dreams just wont vanish into the past. Hoping and wishing that maybe one day I’ll be strong enough to pull myself up from this cliff you threw me off of a long time ago. Let me jump out of my skin and look at myself, and maybe ill realize that this situation right here will never happen, never will I be that chance. Hypertonic heart rate getting faster and faster as I take that step closer or sit one inch farther. No explanations for the feelings that come through. Your not letting me finish this race so step aside and let me go at my own pace. Just back away for another day. Put me to the challenge.

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