November 28, 2008
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I’m bittersweet,
Madly in love,
and starring into the eyes of my own fault.
Because just when I thought everyone’s useless,
He put my face in his hands,
and sealed my regrets with a kiss.

It didn’t take long to see the truth
My only love, I had to refuse…
Adored and taken,
Yes it’s true…
I found my love, but he was already due.
And so it goes, my world stops
Every time she puts her hands around my love.
Avoid her existence? Tell me, how?
When she’s in his arms this moment, now.

The beat of my heart, the breaths I take,
Everything I need, it all begins with him…
They spend all days never apart,
For once I want my life to play her part.

It’s hard not to love every inch of what he is
Or not regret days without him, he’s the one I truly miss.
I’ll fight this battle only to win,
Because just as much as I love him,
He loves me too…
It’s a chance we both deserve
Because without each other, our lives wont serve.

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