Love VS Like

November 28, 2008
By Elisha Harris, Valrico, FL

A constant debate upon scholars and dreamers.

Yet, well aware through the minds of many.

As a child, you learn to love your parents and like your toys.

We love our parents because they love and care for us—if we’re fortunate enough to be blessed with such a thing. We like our toys because they make us happy.
As a child, the difference is simple.

As a teen, we love everything and everyone, at least that’s how it seems.

We abbreviate and conjugate, make promises and place trust and faith into the idea of love, which sums up to lust.

As a teen, we don’t know the difference—or perhaps we choose not to…

As an adult, we learn to love one and like material.

We commit to loving one yet some are immature and act like teens, mistaking lust for love and using what we like [materials] to cancel commitment.

As an adult, the concept is understood, yet frugally applied.

So in the sense that the idea of love and like are two different perceptions, ideas and understandings—yet never fully understood; It would be to my knowledge that love and like are strictly overused ideas that we enjoy to a certain extent but will never fully be content with until we find both.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because so many people when they get in relationships at my age, they tell their boyfriend/girlfriend they're in love with them, or say they love them, and they don't truly understand what the meaning of what saying they love someone is.

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