We Are No More

November 28, 2008
By Kayla Aaron, Indianapolis, IN

My numbness has grown stronger
since the day i had no choice
but to leave you behind.

Time flew by
Before I could even see it
You were gone.

Left me alone
Wanting, needing more.

I would give anything
To have you back in my arms
Telling me its going to be okay.

The comfort of you
is nothing but
a vague memory.

"We" are written in
my life’s history book,
Never to be repeated.

So, time to let it go
Shed my tears,
Give it up,
Move on.

The "us" that once was
is gone for good.


The author's comments:
Just a feeling after you've lost someone you never thought would leave your life.
Taken by surprise, this is my reaction.

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