Fighting My Lover

November 28, 2008
By Brittany James, Los Angeles, CA

He whispered that he loved me in my ear.
Out of everything in life, he's the one I fear.
The hitting and the breaking of my bones.
The first time that it happened, I knew that something was wrong.
Nowadays, all we do is fight.
I quiver in fear when he holds me too tight.
If his love is true, then why is my body constantly black and blue.
If his love is real, they why is it pain instead of passion that I feel.
Everyday, my goal is to leave.
But still I sit here, my goal unachieved.
Why do I waste my time and pack, when in the end I would always come back.
Leaving him is out of the question, but my mind, my body, and my soul can no longer take his aggression.
My family and friends try to pull me away.
But when I made that commitment, I promised that I would stay.
Loving him will be my death, but I'll still love him until my last breath.

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