little ugly child,

November 28, 2008
By sara holzen GOLD, Tomball, Texas
sara holzen GOLD, Tomball, Texas
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this child you see,
is bright in personality
if you get to know her
you would love her inattentively
but her face is swirled
with all these ugly features
its hard to tell
if she can fight for her self
she's skinny and small,
but deep and strong in voice
no one seems to tell
how she's gotten on through life
now the age fourteen

she wont make!
they thought,
once she was born
her oxygen wont flow
but was proved wrong with a roar
tears fluttering the tiny face
bruised and dark

but she smiled uncontrollably
giggled in delight
but deep in silence
she cries at night
but no one will see her sacred tears
unless there's a fight
she wont show fear
or back down no matter her size

if you threaten her
you'll be the one to fry
if you harm her
she wont care,
you'll be the one at the end of her death stare
this child is in high school now
not so ugly as then
some imperfections peak her face
but beauty shows great within

she still has time to begin
to mature into a guys dream
but for now these imperfections
will show a cold hard tease
her voice strong,
face becoming a beauty by the years
this intimidating small little girl
will become a strong, impeachable, well loved being
this little girl for show,
is definitely Me.

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