Where I Am From

November 28, 2008
I am from the wild mustang’s back,
from the big windy lakes and the lush green meadows.
I am from the sweet honeydew melon cent
That drifts on through my entire house every second of the day.
I am from the Hybrid tea rose,
its pink petals snug around its stem, like hugs from loved ones.
I am from long hiking trips
From jokes, laughter, and tears; from stubborn determination, and the hardworking,
from Grandmother and Tina and Keith Sr.
I am from big acre farm land,
A family that hunts, fishes, canoes, and camp outdoors,
From the times going hunting only with my dad,
From big shopping trips with my mom,
From the times I got to be just like my bro.
From the no touchies, leave it alone, give that back,
eat all your vegetables or you will stop growing and will always be a little kid for all…eternity
sayings that I always hated to hear.
I am from the cross, theories, evolutions, and the heavens.
A place I will always know that truly exists to me.
I'm from my mother’s womb, Dartmouth,
Clarks, Franklins, Jobins, Williams, and so on and so forth,
from the strawberry cheese cakes and my aunt’s creamy potatoes soup.
From the grandfather that gave his oxygen tanks names to keep me occupied,
From the first time ever I will not be the center of attention,
and the man of my house will always remember his dad as a role model
that taught me if you work hard in the end it will always pay off about his dads childhood.
I am from all the photos that pile up every year while my life goes on making new memories,
From the trophies I got from basketball, bowling, and horseback riding competitions,
From the family farm lands that will always run in my veins as long as I shall live.

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