Beauty is...

November 27, 2008
By Angela Jones, Ocoee, FL

Beauty is the sun waking from its sleep, As rays of light cast across the sky. Beauty is the love inside our heart we keep, Shared with those we have in our life. Beauty is the tree whistling in the wind, Whispering its sweet song. Beauty is God's forgiveness of a sin, Redemption from the wrong. Beauty is to hear the good truth, It overcomes the webs of lies. Beauty is hearing "I love you", As emotions intensify. Beauty is the symphony of waves along the sand, Seagulls cry out to sea. Beauty is the world so majestic, so grand, Nature so glorious, it amazes me. Beauty is the smile bestowed by another, A selfless gift of cheer. Beauty is the love given by a mother, Eager to dry every sorry tear. Beauty is a butterfly that flutters past so slow, An innocence so free and pristine. Beauty is the mystery in things we do not know, Adventure among the unseen. Beauty is the music that echoes through all ears, It can calm the most raging of hearts. Beauty is conquering the most difficult fears, Time to make a new start. Beauty is the moment when words are not needed, Pure emotion flooding out every pore.
Beauty is the strength left after the pain has receded, Just hold on a moment more. Beauty is the clouds, the sky, and the stars, We gaze into them so deep. Beauty is each bruise, each break, and each scar, A relic of battle we forever shall keep. Beauty is the baggage we carry as we age, Older older older. Beauty is in each and every day, Perceived in the eye of the beholder.

The author's comments:
My Bestfriend wrote this poem. Her name is Angela Jones, and she's a fantastic writer. I wanted to get her work out there and show everyone her amazing talents.

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