leaving me

November 27, 2008
By jennifer chapman, Fort Mohave, AZ

When we were together I saw happiness for many years to come.
You pulled me out of the dark and showed me what I can be made of.
But when you disappard I was heartbroken.
I didnt know where you were but i was going into mental stress.
I keeped thinking that I was the problem.
That you left because of me.
Because I wasnt good enough.
You didnt leave a note you just walked out of my life.
Did tou stop to think how much pain I would go through?
You were my opposite in every way.
The saying of "opposites attract" was not lying.
Why did you leave?
We talked our problems out one step at a time.
But what was it that couldnt be solved by a simple talk?
Was it that much a problem that you left me with no hope that you would return to me.
I loved you.
You were my light at the end of the tunnel.
The candle that I used to light my way though the darkness.
I miss you.
When will you return to me?
Will I ever move on?
How will I do that?
No I will move on.
Rather your here or not Ill move on.
So now I say goodbye and I hope you move on too.

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