east-ocean prelude

November 27, 2008
By Amy Raper, Kennedy, AL

Not in physics, but in manner
Let my eyes possess you.
Smiles infer my velvet skin;
they cannot help it.

Let your dark side unfold -
With the power of my words inside you.
I'll take you on a journey through
A new world, a dark one, a cold world,
Tremulous and tender,
Oceanic with
Can you grasp it?
You will not touch me with your hands
Until you hold me with your mind.
It isn't possible.

String your thoughts, my love, as
Imperfect patterns, grotesquely wrought.

Touch me... trust me...
Let my thunder blind you.

Gray and silky as I seem,
You're looking straight into my dream.
Into my cold, unfeeling night,
Whose power holds you,
Holds you...

Rock...ing, chur...ning
Blood asphyxiating.

That sky is how I'd like to remember you,
Caught up in me.
You're beginning to see it, to know that
This is only another depth.
Dream it,
Slow...ly, deft....ly, I'm waiting to possess you.
Girly, slightly, small enough to confess
That slight of frame is blinding and
Deceiving to the mind.
I know it's frightened you beyond repair to know
That I don't care.

When you became so lost in it,
I took you there without regret.
I threw away the midsections.
The crossroads, I demolished.
I told you, if, not when; it's yes
Or no, you stay, you let
Go, you weakling.
I yelled at you. I called you names.
You tried, in vain, tried to restrain.
And when you failed, I laughed out loud,
Although I felt no humor.
Nothing is funny anymore.
I looked to the east, to the
Ocean, cold and gray, where the
Sky sung of rain and screamed your
Tears as thunder.
And I was angry,
For how could the weather
Pity you?

And so I ran, and
Bright, blood-dyed flora
Smothered on all sides
And called my name
I hated their exotica,
The blue sky, the gold sun,
And I screamed!
...and fell,
and you lay down beside me.

I asked you what you were thinking of.
You replied that you'd fallen in love.
And I knew then.
Too late is the perfect time...

To leave.

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