Picture Perfect

November 27, 2008
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They say someone like me
Is “perfect”

I’m organized and prepared,
Go for what I dare;
Am all out there,
And that I care

I’m sweet, but
Know where the line
Is drawn
I’m good when in a bind

My life is balanced
So they say
Social and at home
That it’s always my day

That I’m strong
Both inside and out;
Without a doubt

I’m in love with life
Being all smiles
Energetic, crazy
That’ll go on for miles

I’m intelligent
I know the answer,
Everyone’s last names
The little flitting dancer

Another thing—
I’m everywhere
There and here

How wrong.
So very, very wrong.

I’m broken china,
On the floor

I’m messy and out
Of place;
Shy, scared
Not fit for lace

I’m mean and
All, never knowing
When to stop
The anger’s stowing

My universe is out of
Control, don’t you know
My mind is a mess
Not neat as a bow

I’m seriously weak;
Outside and in
With all that I sin

Life hate me
Tortures and what not
Reeling with pain,
I hate the lot

I’m not what you think
Being all that
Knowing stuff
From the top of my hat

I’m only there
Because I am
You got a problem?
So do I, Sam.

How right.
So very, very right.

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ktbug96 said...
May 13, 2010 at 4:55 pm
haha my second comment on your work, im glad i came across you! i really like your style of writing :) but i had trouble concentrating on the poem in the beginning, i don't really know why... but it was definitely worth reading :D
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