Identity Kit 1-5

November 27, 2008
By Liana Segan, Brooklyn, NY

Impossible Translation 1-5

1. Try to understand the incomprehensible:
Faux interaction complete with padded bras?

Your reflection yells at you: Stop complaining, start doing.

but I am the woman I always wanted to be.

2. Jealousy rushes to my side when my friends make new ones, walking with
a beat in their step and mischief puppeteering their smiles. I shake my
head. Jealousy consoles me, teaching me about possessions.

Insane happiness overwhelms me when he says I missed you. Then
disappointment fills the empty spaces of his half-hearted apology as
quickly as Dunkin Doughnuts fills up on free iced coffee day.

but I am the woman I knew I’d become.

3. I want to slip my long fingers into your thoughts and pull out a
rabbit, because what was lost on me was found by you.

3 ½. Summer is a sleepy turtle, comforted by the warmth of innocence and
you are the smoldering sun.

3 ¾. I want to learn to read your confusion. Understand that Seurat
squinted at his canvas too.

4. Always look up, extended toward the sky. Shower myself, yourself, with

4 ½. Never double dip your credit card. Soon you’ll be sleeping with debt.

but no matter,

I am the woman I never imagined I could be

5. I am the woman who knows

she can shape her own world.

The author's comments:
You are the woman you need to be

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