Actions Slash Words

November 27, 2008
By Kali Simmons, Terrebonne, OR

They always said
Actions speak louder
While words can only be heard

Words can lie

Words can scream
Words can change the way things seem

Words can tear you down

Words can bring you around
Words can delay the inevitable
But words are easily forgettable
Our words can make you seem grownup
But always, always

Words can fuck you up.

Actions on the other hand

They are movement

They demand.
Actions can tear you apart
Actions can move a suspended heart
Actions can run and scream and break

But not your actions

Not the ones you fake
Actions are explosions of breath
Actions are our moments before inevitable death

Actions are killers and lovers and prohpets

Actions can turn all masters into puppets

My actions never lied

My actions burn true

So which of them spoke loudest to you?

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