The Forbidden Chocolate

November 27, 2008
By Marissa McLean, Benicia, CA

A little girl,

bow in hair

black shiny shoes,
lifts her arms
signaling she sees,

she sees
the pretty red box.
A young girl,

popsicle stained lips

long lashes,
stamps her foot
proclaiming she wants,

she wants
the box of chocolates.
A youthful girl,

too bright lipstick

prickly legs,
screams to the world
blaring she needs,

she needs
the taste the sweets bring.
A frowning teen,

low, tight jeans

manicured fingertips,
cries to herself

realizing she tastes,

she tastes
the bitter in the sweet.
A grown woman,

pencil skirt

blinking eyes
sits alone
the taste haunting,

until she eats
the whole


The author's comments:
This poem is about how sometimes when we get what we want, it is not always as good as we thought it would be.

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