November 26, 2008
Mary, the adulteress-
Gossip flew
As her stomach grew
To host our tiny Savior.
Mary, handmaid of the Lord-
Singing a song
The whole nine months long
To bear her child in a barn.
Mary, mother of Jesus-
A perfect boy
Destined to die
For even her own wretched soul.
Mary, a hero.

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KathleenE. said...
Jun. 6, 2009 at 3:05 pm
I really like the basic flow of this poem, but I feel that you can make it even more powerful. First, I understand what you meant with your first two lines, but I feel that it would make more sense if they were inverted. Also, I love how the poem builds to "Mary, mother..." but the ending is a little anticlimactic. If you strengthen the ending, this poem would be breathtaking. But, please know that you are an amazing poet--it's very beautiful now.
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