End of the semester

November 26, 2008
By Anonymous

once the semester ends
itll be all over,
you say ill still see you
but hardly not enough,
i need to hear you laugh
not just pass you in the halls.
with what's gonna become empty hellos
un welcomed goodbyes

our affection that's secret
grown within each other
will die
at lunch with our time
you'll sit with your friends
ill sit with mine
if i sit with you
will u welcome me with surprise

hello, goodbye
is this all youll say
or i love you, be mine

to become a delusion
i want to be yours
my dreams will come true

ive always said no to all the guys
but you your different
this is what i have to say
i want you forever
not to stay far away
to hear your laugh
is like an angel
i feel clearly well
when im angry you speak
and i giggle once again

The author's comments:
this is for the ones who never told eachother
that they had love for one another

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